Erasmus Nation Festivals 2017

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3-5. 11. 2017.

Budapest 1

10-12. 11. 2017.

Budapest 2

17-19. 11. 2017.

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About Us

Erasmus NATION - festivals for all who are living their Erasmus dreams and the rest of us who already lived through this amazing experience which makes us united in one big happy family!

All of us at EN lived through our Erasmus life and decided that we can’t just leave it behind. Our mission is to create amazing festivals for the next generations of Erasmus and exchange students.

We are dedicated to deliver high quality service at the budget affordable to students. Offering complete packages of accommodation, transportation and events organized according to all the EU regulations.

Erasmus family is looking for NEW PROMOTORS! If you feel that you are the right person and want to share your positive energy with us – CONTACT us now via email – Free trips and financial awards are waiting for you.